“Fighting Dan” Sutherland

Born on this day, April 17, 1869 in Pleasant City, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Daniel Alexander Sutherland came to Circle City Alaska during the gold rush. He moved to Nome in 1900 and staked some gold claims. He came to Juneau and Skagway about 1909 and succeeded Marshal Shoup as the town Marshal here. He later went on to run for Congress and served in the U.S. House of Representatives representing the territory of Alaska in the 1920’s. He was very popular and it was there that he earned his nickname for being so contentious.
He was most famous in Alaska for promoting air transportation to reach isolated communities in the winter.
He died on March 24, 1955 in Abington Pennsylvania at the age of 86.

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Next mayor of Seattle was

So after Wood left the mayorship of Seattle, Thomas J. Humes was appointed mayor on November 19, 1897. He must have left in 1900 for Nome because I read today that he left Nome with $20,000 in gold.
Then in 1904 he left the new Fairbanks camp as a frozen corpse, lashed to a dog sled and was mushed to Valdez over the Valdez Trail.

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