John W. Nordstrom

John Nordstrom was born on this day, February 15, 1871 in Alvik Neder Lulea, Sweden.
According to some sources he “found $13,000 in gold in Skagway” and so, being a good Swede and a businessman, he went south and started a store. That store is now very famous and has a reputation for being very helpful and courteous. I find I cannot walk through it without having at least a couple of helpful ladies ask if they can help me find anything. Jag √§lskar Nordstrom’s!

Anyway, John left Skagway about 1899 and was in the Yukon in 1901. He died in 1963 at the age of 92. Vad en lyckosam guy!


Larss & Duclos Photography

Born in 1863 in Sweden, Per Edward Larss had a photo studio in Dawson during the goldrush with his partner Joseph E.N.Duclos who was from Quebec. Larss were only here from 1898-1904, but his photos are timeless. There is a biography of Larss called “Frozen in Time”.
September 22, 1941 was the death date in San Pedro, California of this famous Klondike Photographer.

His photo studio is visible on the right in this early photo.