John McCubbin – White Pass explosion

John McCubbin died on December 2, 1898 in a premature explosion on the White Pass between camp 9 and 10. He is buried in the Gold Rush cemetery and that is all that we know about him.
In doing research about that name, we can tell that he was of Scottish heritage and that there were McCubbins in New Zealand, Ontario Canada, Yukon Canada, Scotland and in the U.S.

A good example of how difficult it is to trace someone with a somewhat common name and without any other information. So if you have any more clues please let us know – here is a link to help you on your search:



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  1. My grandfather, Charlie Cubbins just recently passed. We live in Olive Brnach, MS with family in middle Tennessee. We had a bagpipe player at the funeral dressed in Scottish attire. It was wonderful. We were told that when the McCubbins came to America they dropped the” Mc” from their name to just Cubbins because of the unpopularity of ethnicity at that time.

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