Adele Lawrence Harrington


On this day, January 26, 1896, Adele married Calvin H. Barkdull either in Skagway or Eureka, California. Later in 1896, the first child, a daughter was born to them here, said to be the first “white child” born in Skagway. In his story “The Flaxen Haired boy” in the December 1951 Alaska Sportsman Magazine, Calvin mentions his wife and daughter and tells a story about a boy who died on the Chilkoot trail but the story sounds a little made up. Calvin also made up some stories about a wife of Soapy’s coming here and exhuming Soapy’s grave, which are false, so who knows…

Calvin Barkdull had graduated from the University of California in 1894. He worked here as Chilkoot packer but left by 1902 and went to Petersburg to raise foxes, work a gold mine and a hotel. Adele divorced him and remarried a Mr. Clarence McBurney by 1900.  Here is a photo donated by Judith Bacon of Adele, her daughter Beryl and her 2nd husband Clarence McBurney from around 1905?




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  1. For all the other descendants of Adele. I thought this was interesting. Can find no record of a baby with either parent after the divorce so don’t know if it died or if it ever existed in the first place as he seemed to take artistic liscense with his stories.

  2. I would agree, this story, although it appeared in print, seemed largely fictionalized. I am somewhat surprised that he would make up a daughter though, but I could find no other record of her also. If you have any pictures of Adele I would love to post one!

  3. I do have some pictures after she married Clarence and they had a daughter Beryl (My grandmother). She was very pretty lady. How do I upload it to this site?

    1. Hi Judith, if you email the picture to me directly I will post it (instead of the fox) and give you credit with accompanying information. Thanks, Marlene

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