Ellen Kendell Rogers MacMillan

On this day, February 18, 1991 Mrs. MacMillan, a schoolteacher in Skagway in the early part of the 20th century, died in Washington. She was born in 1902 in Skagway, the daughter of Minor Ellsworth Rogers, a White Pass carpenter who came to Skagway in 1897 and stayed until his death in 1958. Ellen’s husband was John Roderick MacMillan. They both died in Redmond Washington.
Ellen is not to be confused with Elma Kyle McMillen who was also a long time schoolteacher in Skagway from 1960-1981. Elma passed away in Whitehorse in 2002.



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  1. Ellen Kendell Rogers MacMillan was also the daughter of Margaret MacDonald Rogers born at Port Morien, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – a pioneer woman of Skagway – landing in Skagway December 18, 1897. I am a descendant, related by the MacDonald family – Maia Ricci McViney

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