Edward Toreson Hestness

Mr. Hestness was a White Pass section foreman in the 1920 census for Skagway. He was born on this day, March 9, 1879 in Norway. He died in 1924, at the age of 45, in a WP&YR train accident and is buried in the Skagway Pioneer Cemetery. He left behind 5 children and his wife Gertrude. His son Harold hated White Pass for failing to compensate the family and so he went to the University of Washington Law School and became an attorney. The photo above is of another train wreck, taken by J.D. True, but you get the picture.

from: 1910, 1920 and 1929 census and book “After the Gold Rush” by Robert Dahl, son of Dr. Peter Dahl who lived in Skagway at the time.



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  1. Hi, I notice you refer to Robert Dahl’s book several times. I’ve read his book and he mentions using some of a book by his brother, Roger, titled, “My Life in Skagway.” I have been unable to find anything at all on that book. Have you heard of this book? I’m beginning to think it was never published. If Robert is still alive I’ll write to him today. I am doing research on the Rapuzzi house on Alaska Street. Thanks, Bob Lyon

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