Captain William Moore

Happy Birthday to Capt. Moore born on this day, March 30, 1822 in Emden, Hanover, Germany. He came up here from Vancouver in 1862 as an explorer. He and his wife, Hendrika Fenn had several kids and grandkids who lived here prior to the gold rush. He once owned much of the land that is now Skagway, but was over run by goldrushers in 1897-1898. His original cabin and house is now owned and has been renovated by the National Park Service.
When Capt. Moore left Skagway, he and his family moved back to their lovely home in Victoria. In November I walked the road where the house once stood, but unfortunately has been replaced by condos. There are a few renovated Victorian Houses on that street. He and Hendrika are buried in the Ross Bay Cemetery, a two mile walk from downtown Victoria. Try as we might, even with the exact plot number, we could not find the actual graves, but I’m sure they are there.



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  1. Hello! My name is Thomas Teitge . I am a 54 year old Captain and Harbour Pilot in Emden , Germany . Since half a year three friends and me planning a tour across the chilkoot trail. We will start in Skagway august 2014. Yesterday I surprisingly found a notice in a book , that a Captain Moore ,born in Emden , is a important person for your city. I will start now , to investigate here in Emden about Capt. Moore. Would you be interested in any results? Let me know please.

    Best regards and a happy new year !

    Captain Th. Teitge

    1. Yes, I would love to hear more about my great great grandfather! I am his great granddaughter from Kotlik Alaska! My father’s mother is his granddaughter from his son Willie Moore

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