The Haunted Bed

Today a little ghost story told to me yesterday by a visitor from Tok.
Many years ago, this woman, we will call her Mary, inherited a beautiful carved mahogany bed from her family in Pennsylvania. After moving it into her house she started sleeping on it and for a month every night she would have the same nightmare of a woman coming to her and trying to wake her up to go hide, because “he” was coming. After she had hidden she would see the man’s khaki pants and workboots, but never his face. Mary would wake up each night with the same dream.
She finally went to her aunt and told her what was happening. The aunt sighed and said, “I was afraid of that”. The aunt pulled out a big family album and asked Mary to point out the woman if she could. Mary found the woman who had a distinctive “horse-face” and pointed her out. The aunt nodded and said, “Yes, that’s the woman who also would bother other relatives who had slept in the bed”. Apparently, many years ago, there was a man who lived in the house and would come to molest the girl who slept in the bed and the woman would come and try to hide the girl.
After hearing this story, Mary took the bed to the dump and saw it burned because she did not want anyone else to experience this phenomena.



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