Patrick John Flynn

Pat Flynn was born in 1861 in County Tipperarry Ireland and immigrated to the United States in 1876. He married Ellen Flaherty, an Irish immigrant from Galway, in Tacoma, Washington, where their daughter, Helen Grace (“Nellie”) was born in 1893. Their son John William (“Willie”) was born in Ellensburg in 1896. Another son, Owen Patrick, was born in Skagway in 1904. Patrick worked for the White Pass and Yukon Railroad and his sons followed him into the profession. Owen later became an accountant and served as city clerk for the City of Skagway. Willie spent his entire career with the railroad.
Patrick worked for White Pass as a car inspector and carpenter until his death on this day, May 13, 1935 in Skagway. Ellen his wife had died 9 days earlier also here in Skagway. They are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery.

Skagway Death Records, censuses; Juneau Parks and Recreation website; Flynn Crest



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  1. Hello, I’m Patrick Flynn’s great grand daughter. I’m interested in your information re: immigration and marriage dates for Patrick. Could you tell me where or how you located the information?

    I have a photo of them if you’re interested

    1. Kathleen – Thank you for your offer of a photograph, I would love to post it with the story. Since I wrote that story years ago, my memory is fading, which is why at the time I would post a subscript of where I got the info. So if you follow those leads it would take you to the points that I wrote then. If I am wrong about anything I apologize, and would gladly correct them. – Marlene

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