“Little Egypt”

Known by her stage name of “Little Egypt”, Fahruda Manzar Spyropoulos born in Syria in 1871 became famous for her belly dancing at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. She apparently danced in Skagway and went to the Klondike. Much later, in 1933 she danced in the Chicago World of Progress Fair and then drifted into obscurity.

YA National Museum Of Canada Collection #816; Wikipedia



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  1. I’ve seen a photograph of Soapy’s Saloon decorated for the 4th or maybe Decoration Day, 1898 and a poster on the building next door is advertising Little Egypt.

  2. She probably danced at the People’s theater.

    The photograph is not the original “Little Egypt” who came to Skagway. I didn’t know this either until I found it on several sites I checked for my own POST on “Little Egypt’s” visit to Skagway.

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