82 Saloons

I had heard over the years of the 80+ Saloons in Skagway so I decided to make a list. This list is of the Gold Rush Saloons in Skagway, Dyea and on the trail, and even at White Pass city. I have the owners also if anyone is interested. Seen above is an early picture of Skagway in 1897 with the Cripple Creek Saloon (owner John Doe) on the right.

5th Ave Hotel and Saloon
Alert Saloon
Al-ki Saloon
Annex Saloon
Arctic Hotel
Arctic Saloon
Astoria Hotel
Balmoral Saloon
Bay View Hotel
Beer by the Quart Saloon
Bloom & Korach
Board of Trade Saloon
Brady’s Saloon
Broadway Saloon
California Pack Train Saloon
City Brewery
Clancy’s Saloon
Club Saloon
Comet Saloon
Comique Variety Hall & Saloon
Commerce Saloon
Cosy Saloon
Cripple Creek Saloon & Peoples theatre
Dewey Saloon
Everyman’s Saloon & Douglass Lodging House
First and Last Chance Saloon
Gem Saloon
Hannah Marr Bar
Hoff & Gem Saloon
Horseshoe Saloon
Hotel Chilkoot
Hotel Grand Bar
Idaho Saloon
Jeff’s Place
Jewell Saloon
Jimmy Ryan Nuggett Saloon
Klondike Saloon
La Fiesta Saloon
Little Star Saloon
Lobby Music Hall or Libby Saloon
Log Cabin Saloon
Louvre Saloon
Merchant Saloon
Midway Saloon
Miner’s hotel
Mint Saloon
Mirror Saloon
Montana Saloon
Monte Carlo Hotel
New Brewery Saloon
Owl Saloon
Pack Train Saloon
Palace Hotel Bar Bennett
Palace of Delight
Hot Scotch Saloon
Payne & Peterson saloon
Picture Saloon
Pioneer Saloon
Princess Saloon
Pullen House Hotel
Rainier Saloon
Red Onion Saloon
Seattle Bar
Seattle Saloon or the Gentleman’s Saloon
Skagit Saloon
Smug Saloon
Summit Roadhouse
Surprise Saloon
The Bank
The Kentucky House Saloon
The Monogram Saloon
The Monte Carlo Bar
The Office Saloon
The Palace Royal
The Peerless Saloon
Theatre Royale
Victoria House Lodging & Saloon
White Navy Saloon
Wonder Saloon



6 Replies to “82 Saloons”

  1. This is a wonderful listing! I would love to get the owners names!

    Jeff’s Place is Jeff Smith’s Parlor. It was called “Jeff’s place” by residents. Much as I might reply “Marlene’s blog” when asked what website I’m on.

    I hope everyone’s fourth of July was a good one. I am about to post photos of the NPS float on my blog, just as soon as I get the ok.

    Jeff Smith

  2. Hi, Brenda. What have you found that Jeff’s Place existed, beyond people in old books calling Jeff Smith’s Parlor “Jeff’s place.”? What I’d like to see are newspaper ads, records, etc.

    Jeff Smith

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