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  1. James Bernard (Benny) Moore maried my maternal grandmother, Marguerite Stratton in 1913. They were married in Los Angeles CA. My aunt Catherine was James’ daughter. James worked for Columbia motion pictures in the 1940’s (electrical and camera Dept)and other studios before that. My mother and aunt were both “relinquised” and then adopted in 1920. My aunt looked very much like Edith Moore in the photograph of Benny and Edith.

    Any information on James Bernard Moore during the 1909-1913 time period would be greatly appreciated (also any information for the 1916-1928 time period). Many Thanks – N. Pinhey

  2. Additional information that might help: James Bernard Moore Jr. (Benny) – born 11/20/1891, Alaska; died April 19, 1960, Los Angeles CA. Mother: Minnie Shortridge. Benny’s daughter: Catherine Moore – born 6/15/1914, Los Angeles CA; died 1/10/1990. Catherine was adopted by M.M. and Emma Link and her name changed to Kathryn Link (married name Kathryn Smith).

    I am looking for additional information on Benny’s life in the 1913-1928 time range, as well as Margurite D. Stratton (Moore), Benny’s wife.


  3. Nicholas, I’m afraid I don’t have much on the family. Have you a copy of “Skagway in Day Primeval: the writings of J. Bernard Moore 1886-1904” published by Lynn Canal Publishing (Skagway News) here in Skagway? It is $14.95 and is a very good source of info. You can email Denise at the the bookstore to order a copy:

  4. Hello and thanks for your reply – I have a copy of the book and it helped me fill in some blanks. I now have a copy of a summary “family tree” written by Edith Moore. It says “My brother Benny went to New York City after finishing school in Tacoma. Left New York and then went to Hollywood, working as a cameraman for over 30 years. He passed away in 1958 (actually 1960 per the death records).” I also found Benny listed as a cameraman in Hollywood in 1930. So, I have a little more information. Now I need to find out how/why he moved from New York to Hollywood and married Marguerite in 1913.

    There is a lot to this story, including rumors of an old Hollywood scandal that I am investigating.

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