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  1. I have 4 of the Dedman B&W photo postcards–RPPC’s printed on photo post card paper stock and hand titled on the photo. Two are numbered (109 and D 134); the other 2 are not. One says WP&YR, which I have figured out what that stands for. Dedman is the photographer. Elsewhere on the internet I learned that The Dedman Photo Shop was established in 1923 in Skagway, AK, and is still in business! We used to live in AK, but no longer. Maybe you would like to check this out yourself. As to your photo, I think it should be interpreted as Dedman’s Photo Shop located in Skagway, AK. The locale of the photo was obviously not noted. Good Luck–Judi

  2. Thanks! Dedman’s is a shop started in the Gold Rush actually, and still run by descendants Avril and Tom Harp in the summers in Skagway. Avril’s grandmother, Barb Kalen passed away last year. Her daughter, Betsy Albecker also has a store in Skagway on State Street called Granny’s Gallery and she still does some framing, but she sold the entire photo collection to the city last year. WP&YR stands for White Pass & Yukon Route Railway, so your photo is of the train that still runs each summer and has taken as many as 410,000 people to the top of the pass in one summer season!
    As far as this photo, yes it does not say where it was taken, but I would guess that by the presence of the steam paddle wheel ship (also belonging at the time to White Pass) and the bluff at the side of the river, that is most likely Whitehorse. The train track ran only as far as Whitehorse and the only place that the big steam ships ran was on the Yukon River, up to Dawson. Thanks for commenting Judi!

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