3 Replies to “What the #*?!@% ! is he thinking?”

  1. I saw something that indicated that they were feeding the bear to keep it occupied while the man got within picture range. Didn’t you just do this a little while ago yourself?

    That was my inside joke. Marlene was in the news a few weeks ago for accidentally startling a bear at her home. Luckily the bear did not charge and neighbors scared it off before it chose to go after Marlene.

  2. Oh, no, Jeff, that bear actually DID charge me, and continued to close on me after I fell down. When I got up and screamed at it continuously and only then, when the neighbors also came out and shined their flashlights did the bear and her yearling cub turn and move in a circle away from me. At that point I walked very quickly away. I will never forget the huge claws that were about 3 feet from me when I was on the ground. While people have come up to me and expressed their happiness that I am still alive, it has certainly confirmed my resolve to move back to California.

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