What the #*?!@% ! is he thinking?

This guy looks really familiar, I know I have seen him in other photos. But obviously a little too casual around this bear. Case & Draper photo taken in Skagway area around the turn of the century.

The Steamer Union at Skagway 1904

The Steamer Union was built by Albert J. Apperson and his brother in the 1880’s for $16,000. Apperson had gone to the Fraser River gold strike and earned enough money to build this little steamship. Obviously it was still in service some 25 years later still chugging up the Inside Passage.  “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……”


Ancestry message boards for Apperson; ebay.

Railroad dock full

So who says you can’t put more than 2 cruise ships at the Railroad dock? Here in 1904 Case & Draper photographed 5 steamers tied up.

Skookum Jim, Mary his wife, and Daisy 1900

Skookum Jim or Keish, Mason (1856-1916) was the brother to Kate Carmack who was married to George Carmack. Keish could carry 156 pounds of bacon over the Chilkoot Pass in one trip.  Mary (1874-1927) was his wife. Daisy, his daughter, or Saayna aat, (1895-1938) studied Drama in San Francisco but had to sell her Dad’s house to pay for his funeral.

George Carmack by Johnson; Life Lived Like a Story.



E. Hazard Wells took this photo of a ship sinking in Lynn Canal on August 6, 1897. He was aboard the Rosalie when he took this photo. But which ship was it?


Here is an unusual photo of the Laplanders who brought reindeer from the northern part of Sweden and Finland to Alaska in 1898. The entire endeavor (Sheldon Jackson’s idea) proved to be a failure with most of the reindeer dying, but it must have been a grand adventure for the Lapps!