Golden North Hotel

I received this photo of the landing upstairs in the Golden North Hotel from a visitor who said he had stayed here in 2001. He said it was a pleasure to sit and read here and talk with the other people staying here. Although the furnishings are all still in place, the hotel no longer hosts guests. Downstairs, the restaurant and bar have been replaced with jewelry and souvenir stores. I have often enjoyed a sandwich and latte at the Glacial Smoothees shop across the street and looked up at that big double window and wondered what was behind it!

P.S. It has not been a hotel for many years, the only guests are ones that never checked out……Whoooooooo!


photo credit to William Mann



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  1. Is the Golden North still a hotel? It’s been over 25 years since I was in Skagway. I stayed in the “Engineers” room in the back of the building.
    The front downstairs room held everyones luggage that was checking out.
    Can’t remember the woman’s name who was in charge of taking the reservations and giving out keys, but I volunteered to help her out when she wanted to leave the building for a while. Loved that old cash register.

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