Mary Edith Dell

The Dell family lived in Skagway in 1948: Father Edwin, mother Elizabeth and their 3 children. Edwin and Elizabeth were teachers at the Skagway School until 1957. During their time in Skagway, Mary Edith was born to join her siblings Ralph Dell and Dorothy Dell. Mary was born June 1, 1948 and when the family moved to Morocco and then the Philippines she enjoyed the international life. Her father worked for the federal government. They eventually moved back to California where she eventually settled in Tuolumne County with her husband Bob Louis and their children.

Mary died December 23, 2023 in Sonora and lived at the same senior facility as my mother-in-law, Sally McCluskey! I really wish I would have known her background and been able to compare notes on Skagway. I found her obituary in the paper this morning and was amazed of the journeys that people from Skagway take in their lifetimes!



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