Capt. Moore and Hendrika

Captain William Moore and his wife Hendrika Fenn Moore retired to Victoria after founding Skagway, or Mooresville as they preferred it to be called. When they died in 1909 and 1911 they were buried in the Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I could not find his grave after hours of searching, but recently a fellow sleuth, Suzy Kerrigan took the tour by the local docent and found the grave. It is not marked but there is a big tree growing there. She sent me a photo of it which I am sharing with you all. Hats off to Capt. Moore and Hendrika!



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  1. Wow, you mean the founder of Skagway has an unmarked grave? I hear a memorial fund raiser coming on!

    My family has the same issue with the grave of Jefferson Randolph Smith III (Soapy’s son).

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