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  1. My grandmother, Marguerite Stratton, was married to Benny Moore in 1913 and they divorced around 1919. If any descendants of the Moore family have information on Benny’s life from 1907 to 1919 and information on Marguerite, please contact me. I have information on Benny’s career as a cameraman in Hollywood and I’d like to fill in the gaps, plus obtain additional information about Marguerite and their marriage.

    Thanks, Nicholas Pinhey

  2. I believe his grandfather was steamship captain william moore,who started moores cmp,later to be knomn as moores landing ,where steamships operated by william moore ,his son, william,ben, and 2 more brothers were involved look up there for more info!!!

  3. Hello,

    Can anybody help me contact the family of Donald Gestner (Edith Moore’s son)? They may have some information regarding Benny Moore that would be helpful for my search.

    Many Thanks!

    Nick Pinhey

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