Edgar H. Wilson

Wilson was a very early businessman in Dyea. He and Healy ran a trading post in the 1880’s. Wilson was born in 1842 and was married to Katherine or Kittie Brown and had a 6 year old son and girls Gladys and Ethyl, newborns, when he died, on this day, May 20, 1895 in Juneau. Kittie and family stayed on at least until 1900 and then must have moved on.
Seen above is the Healy and Wilson trading post as photographed by Anton Vogee on Decoration Day (Memorial Day) 1898.

Cohen; AK Searchlight obit 5/20/1895



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  1. Kittie (Brown) Wilson was my great great aunt. She was born on Marrowstone Island, in Washington, in 1868 or 1869.
    She and her daughterS, Ethel and Gladys, moved to San Juan Island, Wa. after being in Dyea. Any additional info on her son, or husband would be so appreciated.

    1. Hi Mary, thank you for your post, I only just saw it, hoping that someone out there will respond to your request for information about the Wilson family. Do you have any pictures that you would be willing to share? Thanks, Marlene

      1. I have photos of Kittie as a young girl, and on her farm on San Juan Island in the 1910-1920 period, She had married a man who was also in Dyea at the time of Edgar Wilson’s passing- Jerome Andrews.
        I will have to look for the photos.

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